Marla Bakery Restaurant In Collaboration with Celia Sack Owner of Omnivore Books

In the early 20th century, the Outer Richmond was a vibrant and bustling appendage of San Francisco. At the time of construction, Sutro Baths was the world’s largest indoor swimming pool. Trains and trolley lines were built in order to bring the masses to Ocean Beach, a railway wound around the edge of Lands End, giving San Franciscans what must have been a stunning  view as the train made it's way to Sutro Baths. Crowds thronged the neighborhood on the weekends; from the Windmills at the edge of Golden Gate Park to Playland at the Beach, Sutro Baths, and the cliffside Sutro Mansion.

This Golden Age of San Francisco and the echos that can still be found here is what first drew us to the Outer Richmond and what inspires the ambiance at Marla Bakery Restaurant. The idea of this outpost in the fog and cypress trees being a holiday get-away, a destination spot for hordes of San Franciscans, a delightful indulgence, rather than just a sleepy neighborhood, continues to inform and motivate what we do. For our next Sunday Supper, on May 6th, we will be singing the praises of this time in San Francisco's colorful history, a time when our beloved neighborhood and home shone as a jewel in the crown of this beautiful city.  

Being cooks, we know of no better way to "bring the past into the present" than through food. To bring this feast to you, we will be collaborating with Cecile Sack of Omnivore Books, and her wealth of knowledge (and cookbooks!) of this era.  We've been given the keys to the Omnivore Books castle and are diving in to find recipes that speak to the lively, rambunctious elegance of this Golden Age in our fair city. Join us for a night of fine food and drink as we resurrect a time gone by!