An Outer Richmond Restaurant and Retreat

"Marla Bakery, an Outer Richmond Restaurant and Retreat"

Published: June 23, 2014
Written by: Allie Pape
Photos: Patricia Chang

"After its owners took it for a test run by holding their utterly adorable wedding there, Marla Bakery officially opened to the public this weekend. It's a very personal project for Amy Brown and Joe Wolf, who met working at Nopa and went into business together as a farmer's market stand and pop-up a few years back. They chose their Outer Richmond location because it was walking distance from their house, and while the name may imply pastries and coffee, they'll actually have much more than that—breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch will all be available. And no, there's no actual Marla involved; the name is an acronym that stands for the first initials of the family members who inspired their love for cooking and baking."

Marla Bakery

Marla Bakery, 3619 Balboa St, San Francisco, CA, 94121, United States