From our humble beginnings as a pop-up, the original walk-up Kitchen Communal in the Mission, our established restaurant in the Outer Richmond, to local farmer's markets ...


MARLA is an Acronym, composed of the first letters from the names of our family members who taught us to cook and bake. Like those that came before, food is our lodestone. Like history, food does not spring forth from the ether. Food is always informed by what came before and is as much a product of memory as the present.

Our Food is Thoughtfully Crafted
We use fresh ingredients that are locally farmed and procured each week. Our menu changes often; driven by each season, the environment, locally grown organic produce, meats, fish, flours, eggs, milk, and butter.

Our Outer Richmond Location is Open Tuesday through Sunday
Enjoy fresh Bread, Pastry, Coffee and Espresso, Breakfast, Lunch, Sweet and Savory Treats, Dinner, Desserts, Sunday Brunch, or buy a ticket for our Monthly Sunday Supper.


In the early 20th century, the Outer Richmond neighborhood was a vibrant and bustling appendage of San Francisco. At the time of construction, Sutro Baths was the world’s largest indoor swimming pool. Trains and trolley lines were built in order to bring the masses to Ocean Beach. Crowds thronged the neighborhood on the weekends; from the Windmills at the edge of Golden Gate Park, Playland at the beach, Sutro Baths, and the cliffside Sutro Mansion.

Those days are lost to memory. The neighborhood is much quieter now, and it makes a fine home; cloaked in fog, nestled just steps away from the statuesque cypress trees filling Land’s End and Golden Gate Park. The rich history of the Outer Richmond inspired us to honor our past everyday, through our food and through our bakery.