Amy Brown
Baker, Proprietor, and Candlestick Maker

Raised in San Francisco, Amy was in the kitchen pulling bowls out of cabinets as soon as she could crawl. At the young age of 6, she compiled her first menu for a Mother’s Day breakfast, comprising everything she knew how to make including Top Ramen. Using the Junior Betty Crocker Cookbook, she threw her first dinner when she was 8. In actuality, Amy has never really stopped cooking or baking.

After graduating college, instead of looking for work in the non-profit sector, she headed to Italy to work in a bakery and a year later she was back in San Francisco prepared to make a career out of baking and cooking. In the last 15 years, she has been a bread baker, pastry cook, and pastry chef, most recently running the Pastry Program at Nopa Restaurant and starting the Brunch Program. Years of hard work and love for her craft has led her to embark on a new chapter in her career; starting her own bakery with husband, Joe Wolf.

Joe Wolf
Pickler, Proprietor, and Master Handshaker

Joe Wolf’s love affair with food began at the ripe age of 2 when he helped his great grandmother make homemade kreplach (soup dumplings) for the Jewish New Year. While attending the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco he picked up an extended stage at Bix Restaurant in Jackson Square, while he helped to open The Creamery in San Francisco’s South Beach neighborhood.

Over the last 4 years, Wolf has also worked at Signature Hospitality, Foreign Cinema, Michael Mina, Nopa, and most recently, Wise Son Delicatessen, where he held the position of Head Pickler. After helping co-owners, Leo Beckerman and Evan Bloom launch Wise Sons from a pop-up deli to a brick and mortar restaurant; Wolf has decided to enter into a new endeavor with his wife, Amy Brown, creating Marla Bakery, a wholesale bakery, café, and flagship restaurant in San Francisco.